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Indoor LED - Bulb

LED lighting from EBES lets you spend a little, and get a lot more.

The LED light bulb can save you up to 60 - 80 % over the course of its life.

LED Bulb Advantages:
1- Low cost
    -Extremely long life> less replacement costs> 90% - savings account
2- Easy to install and use
3- Environmental
     -Minimal heat
     -No mercury»Harmless Light
     -No UV and IR radiation»High quality light
     -90-100 lumens / watt
4- Savings of at least 80% of traditional light sources"Their life is 15x times longer than traditional light sources
5- Minimum time for payback
6- Resistant to:
    -High and low temperatures
7- 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly after their operation"Unaffected by frequent on / off
8- Can be controlled remotely


Available Capacities:

5W   [Warm - White]
7W   [Warm - White]
9W   [Warm - White]
12W [Warm - White]

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