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LED Candle

LED Candle Lights Benefits
LED candle lights are one of the most beautiful things we’ve all come to love about LED technology. They add such beauty and flair to your space. Romance benefits most from LED candle lights. Let’s take a look at all the advantages and the benefits of these marvels of design.

•If you’re done with all the large-scale furnishings in your home, but you still can’t seem to find that one thing needed to compete that singular modern look, wishing for something small and compact to do this for your living space, many a time you may not know where to start looking. This is where LED candle lights come into play. These LED beauties will add everything and more to your space, just by having them put in all the right locations around your home.
•These LEDs are some of the simplest out there in this field. What they impart to your space, however, can be the make or break factor for overall appeal. If you compliment it with other furniture pieces, keeping shape and color in mind, you can certainly see that ‘magazine home’ appeal start to take form around you.
•Aside from the above two advantages, you also get that invariably efficient thing called portability. LED candle lights can be taken from one spot to another in your home or even elsewhere, so you get to stay calm about installation and all that work, something large-scale LED lighting like ceiling, wall, and high bay lights may demand. You just have to pick them up and move them, that’s it.


3W LED candle lights use high quality raw materials and reliable key components, they are colorful and energy saving. the LED lights can be used in many environment, it is low heat and no safety problems for fire or to the children, it will not cause pollution and is the real green lighting products.

1)Input Voltage :AC85-265V,50Hz-60Hz or DC12V
2)Wattage : 3w
3)led high-power spot lamp.Base Temperature:<60
4)Lifespan :5000-8000hrs
5)Material and surface finished : Aluminum alloy+PC(milky white/matrix/frosting), Pure aluminum through stretched mould,shaped by CNC.Oxidation finished, gold, silver, black color available for lamp body
6) LEDs :High power LED
7) Different color temperature range :Warm White2300K-3300K, Pure White 3300K-4500K, Cold White4500-7000K,
8)View angle : 15/30/345/60/80/,120-140,180
9) Lumens : 50~70Lm/w

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